How to install the Secure Browser from the server

1. Clink the Start button

2. Select computer

3. Enter \\sevenhills2\securebrowser onto the address bar

4. Look for the MNSecureBrowser6.2 application and drag it to the desktop. This will create a shortcut the the app on the student computer.

5. Double click the shortcut to make sure the right shortcut was use and that the application is working properly.

See video to follow steps.



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How to remove a wireless network profile

1) Go to Start and click on Control Panel.

2) Proceed to click View network status and tasks in Control Panel window.

3) Network and Sharing Center window will appear, proceed to click Manage wireless networks on left panel.

manage wireless networks in Windows 7

4) Manage Wireless Networks window will appear, and here you can see all available wireless network connection profiles. Select the profile you don’t use anymore, click on Remove to delete the selected profile. That’s it!

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Sharing Contact Folders in Outlook 2010

1. Run Outlook 2010
2. Click on Contacts in the lower left corner, then click on the Contact Folder you wish to share to select.
3. Next click on Share Contacts in the sharing section of the menu bar.


4. An invitation will open up. Click on the To … button and select a user from the Global Address List that you wish to grant permission to share your contacts. Then click Send and confirm the invitation.



Note:    If this option is checked the other person will be able to add, edit and delete items in the folder. If you only intend for them to see and use the items uncheck it.

5. The person you invited will receive an email with the invitation.
6. They click Open this Contacts Folder to accept


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NVidia Drivers

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